Our team brings its expertise to your product to fulfill the highest quality demands

Metal projects

Alteco’s mission

Stability, diversity and quality are at the heart of Alteco’s success. Three pillars which now form the new Alteco logo. Thanks to our experience, the skill of our employees and the constant attention to quality, Alteco is able to carry out diverse and complex metal working projects for which specialised know-how is imperative. For every metal working project, Alteco guarantees the highest quality, an impeccable service and a timely, accurate delivery.

Reliable partner

Steady and reliable partner for his customers to guarantee the performance and quality needed for their processes

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Custom-made and diversity

Divers design and materials of construction. Design based upon customer needs, with attention to ergonomic, economy and ecology

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Quality & Safety

Alteco fulfils the highest safety and quality demands.
Quality assurance improves safety and sustainability

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